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It’s still fresh in our memories. Perhaps, all that is required is a little trigger and every detail comes back to mind like it was only yesterday. Sitting on daddy’s lap or on the tank, pressing the horn when asked to, and sometimes honking just for the heck of it. It was our little ‘I’m king of the world’ moment. And every Sunday, our whole routine would be planned around this little joyride. To us, it is every member of the family rolled into one, comforting like our parents, pampers us like our grandparents and we pamper it back as if it were our nephew or niece.
And it is this passion that we intend to share together in the Bangalore Vintage Group. Let’s come together to cherish those special moments we have with these classics.

Bangalore Vintage Group was initiated by like-minded Vintage and Classic Automobile Owners from Bangalore in 2012.

Automobiles (2 Wheeler’s, 3 wheeler’s, 4 wheeler’s, Any Vintage Vehicles) which are approx 25-30 years OLD can participate our meets.

The Bangalore Vintage Group, in no way, intends to compete with any other similar clubs. We are friends who come together to share a common interest. We look forward to your participation in our future meets. Let’s together appreciate, respect and experience the joy of being with these machines.