Book Additional Heirloom Seed Ball and Support Farmers (1 Pair) (Last Date: 20th October 2019)


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Bangalore Vintage Group plans to support farmers via our little contributions. Please do join hands and book as many Heirloom Seed Balls as you can which will help the farmers from Karnataka and the other Southern India States. Take back these heirloom seed ball and drop them in your Garden, Estate or Anywhere…

“Buy extra pairs of Annadana seed balls and do your bit for the farmers that grow our food and support the chemical-free food movement.”

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Annadana’s seed balls are unique because they contain seeds of heirloom vegetables including brinjal, tomatoes, chillies, carrots, gourds, okra and herbs such as coriander, fenugreek along with flowers like marigold and cosmos. It’s a little universe of vegetable and flower diversity teeming with life and goodness.

About Annadana 

Annadana Soil and Seed Savers Network is a registered non-profit trust (BYP-4-00027-2007-08) dedicated to providing sustainable organic farm solutions. They are a self-funded entity. Their journey began in 2001 in Auroville, Pondicherry to promote the conservation, production, multiplication and exchange of organic seeds of traditional heirloom vegetable varieties, few cereals and flowers. Today, their 5 acre Agro-Ecology Knowledge Farm called ‘Ishana’ in Bangalore city stands testimony to our consistent efforts. This IMO-certified organic farm serves as a knowledge center facilitating research and innovation of an integrated farming system.

For over a decade now, they have been researching Best practices in organic agriculture. They share their findings with farmers, institutes and scientists, advocating for policies that support marginal farmers.

Annadana has spent 19 years working to ensure our food is chemical and pesticide-free. By partnering with farmers across Karnataka and other states in India, Annadana trains them in organic farming techniques helping them to escape the debt cycle.




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